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xViz Radar/Polar Chart - Power BI Custom Visual Key Features

The xViz Radar/ Polar Chart is the latest addition to the xViz suit of Visuals for the Month of April 2020. As the name suggests, it supports Radar and Polar Chart use cases along with the Radial Chart option.The Radar Charts (aka as spider charts, polar charts, web charts, or star plots) are ideal for […]

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Power BI Desktop Summary highlights xViz Waterfall Chart in March 2020 Blog

xViz Waterfall Chart Custom Visual, the latest addition to the xViz Suite has been highlighted extensively in the Power BI Desktop Summary Blog for the month of March 2020. The Waterfall Custom Visual enables business users and BI Practitioners to achieve greater reporting capabilities in Power BI by offering features such as: Variance Analysis –  visualize […]

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