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xViz Advanced Pie/Donut and Linear Gauge Updates featured in Desktop Summary August Edition 2020

by | Aug 13, 2020 | Power BI Desktop Summary

This month’s Power BI Desktop Summary talks about the newly released xViz Advanced Pie & Donut and the latest feature updates to the xViz Linear Gauge.

xViz Linear Gauge has been updated with the latest features and enhancements with the options of a new Gauge – Progress Bar added to it. The UX capabilities of the custom visual are improved along with data labels and formatting enhancements.

The following are the list of Latest Features added to the xViz Linear Gauge

  • New Gauge Type – Progress Bar
  • Custom Data Labels for each Tier
  • Tier Label with for active label option
  • Tier Limits – Start and end range for each Tier
  • Horizontal and Vertical Orientation
  • Conditional formatting improvements
  • Data Label enhancements –
    Placement options – Inside/ outside and left/ right /center /top/ bottom
    Display option – Actual value/ percentage / both.
    Enhance look and feel – Separate font size, weight, and color
  • Gauge width and margin for better label positioning
  • Axis label formatting – scaling, show Nth label


Download the Latest Linear Gauge v1.1.5 unlocked for Power BI Desktop and check out all the resources available for the same here.


The xViz Advanced Pie & Donut provides several Pie and Donut chart varieties and use cases into a single visual. To better visualize the part to the whole relationship and for comfortable viewing, the xViz Advanced Pie and Donut by defaults ranks the Top 5(n) slices and groups the rest into others while visualizing seven or more slices.

The following are the list of key features for xViz Advanced Pie and Donut Chart:

  • Several Chart Options – Pie, Semi Circle Pie, Variable width pie, Donut, Arc Donut
  • Top N Ranking with ‘Others’ – Display top items and group rest as Others
  • Donut charts with Totals in the middle
  • 3D Styling of Pie and Donut charts
  • Styling options – Set patterns for individual slices to make them stand out
  • Gradient coloring
  • Data Label Formatting
  • Number Formatting
  • Drilldown
  • Conditional Formatting


Download the Latest Advanced Pie & Donut unlocked for Power BI Desktop and check out all the resources available for the same here.

You can also check out the Power BI Desktop Summary Blog by Sujata Narayana here.

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