Purchasing Guide

5 simple steps to purchase xViz suite online

You are just a few clicks away from enjoying the pro version of xViz. Follow these steps to make your first purchase of xViz suite.

Step 1:

Click on the link https://xviz.com/pricing/ to get to the pricing page of xViz.

Step 2:

A new page will open with a list of pricing plans as shown below. The pricing of xViz Custom Visuals Suite varies based on the Power BI licenses that is already in place in your environment.

From the available plans, choose a featured plan matching your requirements.

Step 3:

You’ll now be asked to sign up.

Fill in your details in the Sign up page that appears and the chosen plan is added to the cart. You can also modify the quantity in the signup page according to your requirement.

Step 4:

Choose a payment option and Fill in your card details. Then click Sign up now.

You can pay via credit card for purchases below $3000.We also accept offline payments for orders above $3,000. If your purchase exceeds this amount, you will get an additional payment option called Pay with Invoice. Once you select this option, you’ll receive an invoice with instructions to remit payment.

Once payment is received at our end, your order will be processed and your copy of xViz will be delivered to you via email.

Step 5:

Now that you’ve registered, xViz will remember your purchase the next time you log in. The login credentials will be sent to you via mail after you make the purchase. You can view the Subscription details,re-download your copy of xViz suite and update personal details from your login.

You’re all set to experience the Pro features of xViz Suite with free upgrades and instant support from us.

Have a problem? Contact us at support@xviz.com

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