Horizon Chart

Power BI Certified xViz Visual
The Horizon Chart for Power BI helps you analyze time-series outliers and predominant patterns with color bands that diverge. The custom visual gives you an easier way to visualize several stacked line or area charts sliced horizontally by categories. The baseline for each slice would be zero and it helps you analyze the outliers in the time-series easily. An enterprise trend split into several multiples of horizon gives you a quick image of where and when the deviation of the outliers had happened.
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Key Features

Visualize large volumes of data

Dynamically change track color based on business rules

Analyse time-series outliers

Performance of an enterprise can be visually analyzed with the range bands in Horizon Chart for Power BI

Coloured bands

Positive and Negative value ranges can be customized with color bands for better precision

Pre-defined colour schemes

5+ color schemes are present in Horizon Chart to display the visual aesthetically according to business needs

Configure baseline values visualization

The Horizon Chart helps you customize patterns to display different ranges of data by configuring the baseline.

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For any feature requests or questions about this advanced custom visual, please write to us at community.xviz.com

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Semantic Formatting
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Single Axis / Dual Axis
Data Label Customization
Needle display
Reverse Axis
Axis Label Customization
Global font family
Utility Menu - Exporting Options
Chart Type - Semi Circle
Footer section
Context Menu
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