Tag Cloud

For Microsoft® Power BI

The Tag Cloud for Power BI gives you a more visually interesting way to look at the tags or words that come along with your data. It can be product descriptions, tags from twitter, names of customers or even employees. Most of the customers like tag clouds for the way they expose the extra-miler tags within the dataset based on a specific criterion like the Sales value or Market Share. The custom visual provides options like color range, orientation, split words are available to uncover the importance of tags and other details behind the text content.


Control Number of Tags

Tag Cloud for Power BI gives you the flexibility to control the number of tags that you want to see in the custom visual.

Exclude Specific Words

The Exclude words feature which lets you restrict the words that you’d want to filter out of the Tag Cloud.

Additional Tooltip

The tooltips displayed for the tags display the Size Value that is added to the visual, with support to add additional tooltip details.

Flexibility to Use Negative Values

Tag Cloud gives you the flexibility to use categories with Negative values too for comparing magnitude of data members.

Control Word Orientation

This Feature enables users to control the orientations of the tags to make the visual more appealing.

Remove Special Characters

The Tag Cloud comes along with the powerful “Remove Special Characters” option which replaces special characters with blanks.

Color Themes

The custom visual comes along with an option to choose the color range that you want to work with.

Enables Whole Phrase Usage

Toggle between Whole Phrase Usage and Split Phrase into Words to make more meaningful Tag Cloud presentation

For any feature requests or questions about this advanced custom visual, please write to us at community.xviz.com

Use Cases

To quickly gauge the relative percentage of an item in a population

Analysing customer feedback and finding opportunities to connect

To quickly gain insights about how employees feel about your company

Other Custom Visuals in xViz Suite

The table below gives an idea of the exclusive features for visuals shipped in the Pro version of xViz suite.

Pro Features enable unique Power BI UX experiences across the xViz Suite of visuals for one price.
Pro FeaturesVariance ChartMultiple Axes Chart Hierarchical Tree Hierarchical Filter Hierarchical Variance Table Linear Gauge Advanced GaugeGantt ChartBullet ChartParallel CoordinatesMarimekko ChartHorizon ChartTag cloud  
Number Formatting-
Adv.Editor/Conditional Formatting------
Sort by anything other than default value----------
Limited to 10 data series-----------
Customize plot area width------------
Show average------------
Expand On-Demand -----------
Hide absolute,percentage variance,comparison/actuals------------
No. of orienations,min/max angle,Remove special characters,Split words-----------
Qualitative Comparitive Bands------------
Target Marker Customization------------
Data label-Height and width----------
Using Height and width------------
Context menu-----------
More than 3 categories, Search, Using time period, Max 200 rows-------
Using more than 2 measures
Gauge options (Entire Section)-----------
3-D Mode-------------
Custom Data Labels------------
Find & Seek Search ----------
Filtering through Search----------
Multi-mode visual------------
Minimap Feature------------

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