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xViz+ Power BI Visuals as a Service

Are your Business Users and Executives requesting for more features and functionalities than what Microsoft Power BI natively Offers? Do you say “Not possible” or switch “BI Platforms” altogether or provide spend countless hours on “Workarounds”?. What if you had a perfect option of dragging and dropping a Power BI Visual that performs exactly as desired by your business users. Welcome xViz+ Custom Visuals as a Service.

With over 10 years of experience in delivering custom visual extensions to 200+ enterprises for major BI Platforms like SAP BI and Power BI through xViz –we are happy to offer xViz+ Customizations to enterprises that want unique custom features/customizations as an implementationoffering as a service.

Before we look at the need for customvisuals, you do have several options to deliver the features and functionalities requested by your business users.But, custom visuals for Power BI –can be the most performant and tightly integrated solution for features demanded by your users. Just check out and try our collection of xViz Visuals that have over 200K+ downloads already.

Our Power BI –xViz+ Implementation Development Team can help you with the following:

  • Quickly close your business requirement gaps using xViz Visuals as a starting point
  • Identify which of the xViz visualizations would closely align with your business requirement
  • Provide a xViz+ Custom Power BI Visual Build for UAT within Weeks or sometimes in days

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10 Reasons why Visual BI is a preferred Custom Visualization Partner

  1. Breadth of Coverage in terms of Power BI Custom Visuals Library across all chart types
  2. Enterprise Features with Advanced Formatting Capabilities with our xViz Visuals
  3. History & depth of expertise in building custom visuals / extensions
  4. Enterprise Support & Maintenance SLAs for ongoing assurance
  5. 24×5 Helpdesk / Support Infrastructure
  6. Availability of learning resources -product documentation, blogs, tutorials& sample templates
  7. #1 Stop Shop Preference by enterprises over individual custom developer solutions
  8. # of developers in the team developing & supporting components
  9. Simplicity and Flexibility with pricing
  10. As a Microsoft Gold Partner in Data & Analytics, expertise in consulting/professional services engagements if required to implement these xViz+ visuals to your Power BI dashboards


What is xViz+ Custom Visual Development as a Service?
xViz Custom Visuals Development Services allows you to add additional visualizations or provide features that are not natively available with Microsoft Power BI Visuals
What is the process of getting a custom visual built for me?
It all starts with the idea/requirement of your business users. If you have a requirement/idea of what you would like to have, please reach out to us for development estimates and we will take it from there.
How much does it cost to get to build a custom visual?
Cost of the development depends on many factors, among which are intricacyof the data structure, features to be incorporated and user experience.

We will build most of the visuals using xViz charts library and we use our own proprietary Custom visual development framework that shortens the development cycle and guarantees rich visual quality.

It is very likely we will be faster and cheaper because of our robust library of xViz visuals and history of delivering custom visuals to large enterprises

Will it work as the Power BI evolves?
If the visual is added to our xViz Pro suite, we would be upgradingit without any additional charges. If the visual is custom built for you and not added to the visual suite, you might need to request an update for the visual once the Custom Visual API changes.

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