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Visual BI has close to a decade of experience in delivering custom visuals to enterprises in the SAP & Microsoft ecosystem. Founded in 2010, we delivered our first patented custom extension in 2012 for the SAP platform. Over the next few years, our team has successfully delivered an impressive array of 100+ custom visuals across four different visualization products including Microsoft Power BI.

One thing that differentiates Visual BI in the market is our end-to-end BI offerings – covering BI & Analytics consulting services, products and training. Our experience in delivering BI solutions to the executive suite helped us understand enterprises’ unmet needs better, which in turn has helped us build better products. We often say this of our custom visuals : “Desired by Executives; Delivered by Visual BI”

Today, Visual BI team boasts of the following:

  • 150+ enterprise customers
  • 100+ custom visuals in the Microsoft & SAP ecosystem
  • 24×5 Global support helpdesk for ongoing assurance
  • A dedicated team of 60+ professionals that are part of our Engineering team
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