Advanced Gauge

For Microsoft® Power BI

The Advanced Gauge for Power BI helps us visualize a single value within a given scale as pointed by the needle on the colored data range or chart axis. This custom visual is often used in executive dashboards to show key business indicators. It is a great way to represent a metric against a scale with optional qualitative representations illustrated by colors.The custom visual helps in displaying the health of the KPI using a qualitative scale for simple understanding. It also indicates the progress towards a goal.


Conditional Formatting

Conditional formatting which helps in visual alerting and conveys the state of the KPI whether it is doing good or bad.

Number Formatting

Advanced Gauge allows the user to Set the scaling display and customize it, add separators, prefix and suffix values could be added

Axis formatting

This visual provides more customization option for axis such as reverse axis, Show/hide labels & the ticks within the axis

Actual and Target Values

The Actual & target values can be compared using customizable markers in the Advanced Gauge for Power BI

Data labels

The custom visual allows the user to customize the data labels of both primary and secondary values in the Gauge

Data & Track Colors

Color themes can be set for both actual and target values if no conditional formatting is added to the visualization

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5 Advanced Gauge customizations using xViz for Power BI

Advanced Gauge is a great way to represent a metric against a scale with optional qualitative representations illustrated by colors. They are also sometimes referred to as a speedometer or tachometer chart and are most commonly used to measure values like volume,...

Advanced Gauge for Power BI

Advanced Gauge for Power BI

Note: This blog addresses some features of the custom visual that will be available in the App Source in Sep 2019. To get this latest build, reach out to us here. Advanced Gauge charts always reminds me of a speedometer that measures and displays the instantaneous...

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The table below gives an idea of the exclusive features for visuals shipped in the Pro version of xViz suite.

Pro Features enable unique Power BI UX experiences across the xViz Suite of visuals for one price.
Pro FeaturesVariance ChartMultiple Axes Chart Hierarchical Tree Hierarchical Filter Hierarchical Variance Table Linear Gauge Advanced GaugeGantt ChartBullet ChartParallel CoordinatesMarimekko ChartHorizon ChartTag cloud  
Number Formatting-
Adv.Editor/Conditional Formatting------
Sort by anything other than default value----------
Limited to 10 data series-----------
Customize plot area width------------
Show average------------
Expand On-Demand -----------
Hide absolute,percentage variance,comparison/actuals------------
No. of orienations,min/max angle,Remove special characters,Split words-----------
Qualitative Comparitive Bands------------
Target Marker Customization------------
Data label-Height and width----------
Using Height and width------------
Context menu-----------
More than 3 categories, Search, Using time period, Max 200 rows-------
Using more than 2 measures
Gauge options (Entire Section)-----------
3-D Mode-------------
Custom Data Labels------------
Find & Seek Search ----------
Filtering through Search----------
Multi-mode visual------------
Minimap Feature------------

Use Cases

Measure one or more KPI of an organization such as Sales and Average Selling Price of the material

Measuring Gross Margins for your business using a Semi-Circular Gauge

Visualize Actual and Target values to reach better conclusions

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