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Enhance your Power BI reports with the best in class visuals from the xViz suite

xViz Visuals Variance Chart


Analyze comparisons of two values across three distinct visualizations (comparison chart, variance chart and variance percentage) integrated into one visual control.

  • Choose horizontal or vertical variance chart
  • Sort by Variance
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Ability to enable/disable absolute variance or % variance series
  • Customize width of the three series (base series, absolute variance, % variance)
  • Display average variance
  • Leverage RTL (Right-to-Left) support for languages such as Arabic
  • Capture “Negative Variance is Good” scenarios by changing colors
  • Customize # of data series to be displayed by default (with the rest available upon scroll)
  • Use Custom Theme
  • Consolidated tooltip


The xViz Hierarchical Variance table provides user the ability to view and analyze hierarchical data with much more detailing added to it. The extensive list of features lets you to consume business trends, hierarchies and different forms of business data all at once and view it in a much appealing visual form.

  • Expand/Collapse-enabled hierarchical table
  • Track absolute & percentage variance for each level in the hierarchy
  • Display sparkline chart to show performance across time periods
  • Show/hide overall total
  • Search across hierarchy levels
  • Semantic formatting
  • Conditional formatting
xViz Visuals Horizon Chart


Display up to five separate axis values each with their own series type spanning column, line, spline and area.

  • Ability to select multiple Y axes
  • Choice of several series types
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Conditional Formatting Legend
  • Lasso & Reverse Lasso Selection
  • Show additional series in Tooltip
  • Plot Lines, Bands, Standard Deviations & more
  • Customize # of data series displayed
  • Series Pattern and colors


Visualize categorical data over two percentage scale variables.

  • Conditional formatting for both the value fields
  • Switch between chart types
  • RTL Support for Legends
  • Lasso & Reverse Lasso option for advanced selection
xViz Visuals Horizon Chart


Analyze time-series outliers and predominant patterns with color bands that diverge.

  • Understand patterns with historical data
  • Analyse time-series outliers
  • Coloured bands for better precision
  • Pre-defined colour schemes
  • Configure baseline values visualization


Tag Cloud can be used to get instant insight into the most prominent or prevalent terms in your organizational data. The data could be product descriptions, tags from twitter, names of customers or even employees.

  • Use whole phrases or individual words
  • Control number of tags displayed
  • Control orientation of words
  • Exclude specific words
  • Tooltip that captures frequency or performance
  • Color range options
  • Categories with Negative Values
xViz Visuals Linear Gauge


Visualize a single KPI with the ability to compare the actual and target values.This can be applied to several enterprise performance use cases that benchmark an outcome against its target

  • Performance – Actual and Plan
  • Conditional formatting
  • Dynamic and static minimum and maximum values
  • Number formatting
  • Additional tooltips


The Hierarchical Filter is a selector component like a slicer, just that it can display multiple category values in an expandable tree view used to displayed hierarchical nodes for filtering. Each node can be expanded and collapsed for optimal navigation through the hierarchy and single/ multiple selections can be made to select the desired nodes.

  • Category Display settings
  • Display measure value
  • Customization of appearance- Hover customization,alternate row colour,icon colour
  • Search capability
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Custom context menu
  • Tooltip
xViz Visuals Hierarchial Filter
xViz Visuals Advanced Gauge


The Advanced gauge helps us visualize a single value within a given scale as pointed by the needle on the colored data range or chart axis. This chart type is often used in executive dashboards to show key business indicators.

  • Assign the Actual and Target value
  • Set the max/min value from property sheet directly
  • Conditional formatting
  • Data labels
  • Number Formatting
  • Axis formatting
  • Semantic Formatting
  • Data and track colours
The table below gives an idea of the exclusive features for visuals shipped in the Pro version of xViz suite.
Pro Features enable unique Power BI UX experiences across the xViz Suite of visuals for one price.
Pro FeaturesMarimekko ChartVariance ChartMultiple Axes ChartHorizon ChartTag cloud Hierarchical Variance Table Linear Gauge Advanced Gauge Hierarchical Filter
Number Formatting-
Adv.Editor/Conditional Formatting-----
Sort by anything other than default value-------
Limited to 10 data series-------
Customize plot area width--------
Show average--------
Hide absolute,percentage variance,comparison/actuals--------
No. of orienations,min/max angle,Remove special characters,Split words--------
Data label-Height and width--------
Using Height and width--------
Context menu--------
More than 3 categories, Search, Using time period, Max 200 rows-------
Using more than 2 measures
Gauge options (Entire Section)-------

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