Multi-Axes Chart Power BI Certified xViz Visual

The Multi Axes Chart for Power BI gives you the ability to have up to 5 axes. The custom visual provides 10 options for choosing series such as line, column, area, spline, stacked column/area etc. Additional configuration options include conditional formatting, error bars, horizontal and vertical bands, and horizontal reference lines to round out this visualization’s formatting capabilities. The static reference lines & bands allow the user to track performance against set benchmarks or business thresholds.

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Key Features

Conditional formatting

Conditional Formatting

Apply different colors to highlight data based on business rules

Multiple axes

Multiple Y axes

Use up to 5 axes to meet your enterprise needs

Various chart types

Various Chart Types

Choose from 20+ chart types to best present your data

Series formatting

Series Formatting

Use up to 5 axes to meet your enterprise needs

Data series customization

Data series customization

Customize from 10+ data series options to fit the available real estate

Analysis and statistics

Advanced Analytics and Statistics

Provide insights with deviation bar, error bars, reference lines and bands


External URL

Navigate to external URLs by passing dynamic context and parameters


Advanced Tooltip

Display additional data with stacked chart or shared tooltip

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What do I get in the PRO version?

Features xViz
Multi Axes FREE
Multi Axes PRO
Advanced Conditional FormattingNN
Runtime Series VisibilityNN
Utility MenuNN
External UrlNN
Column TotalsNN
Number Formatting for Individual SeriesNN
Semantic FormattingNN
Legends with RTL SupportNN
Horizontal / Vertical Reference LineNN
Horizontal / Vertical Reference bandNN
No of Series DisplayNN
Advance EditorNN
Series VisibilityNN
Summary TableNN
Various Series Options - Line, Area, Column, Stacked etc..NN
Data Series PatternNN
Data Label CustomizationNN
Conditional Formatting in LegendsNN
Click Legends to Hide SeriesNN
Shared TooltipNN
X and Y Axis PositioningNN
Flip AxisNN
Reverse AxisNN
Axis Label CustomizationNN
Customize Plot Area WidthNN
On Demand DrilldownNN
Global Font FamilyNN
Footer SectionNN
Align Axis thresholdNN
M – Not Available
N – Available in Desktop
N – Available in Desktop & Service