Multi Axes Chart

For Microsoft® Power BI

The Multi Axes Chart for Power BI gives you the ability to have up to 5 axes. The custom visual provides 10 options for choosing series such as line, column, area, spline, stacked column/area etc. Additional configuration options include conditional formatting, error bars, horizontal and vertical bands, and horizontal reference lines to round out this visualization’s formatting capabilities. The static reference lines & bands allow the user to track performance against set benchmarks or business thresholds.


Conditional Formatting

The excel-like feature allows you to highlight data that meets specific conditions.

Lasso & Reverse Lasso Selection

This Option in Multi Axes Chart lets the user perform include/exclude multiple selections on the custom visual.

Advanced Analytical and Statistical Features

Features such as deviation bars, error bars etc. available to track performance against set benchmarks

Conditional Formatting Legend

This option in Multi Axes Chart allows you to display active conditional formatting rules as part of the legend.

Series Pattern and Color

Visually Appealing Patterns and colors can be added to the chart for customization

Multiple Y axes

The Multi Axes Chart for Power BI gives you the ability to have up to 5 axes based on your enterprise needs.

Customize Number of Data Series

The number of data series that are displayed can be customized to adjust to the real estate available for the visual.

Several Series Types

This feature provides 10 options for choosing series such as line, column, area, spline, stacked column, stacked area, etc

Advanced Tooltip

It allows you to display additional series that are not present explicitly in the visual.

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Use Cases

Represent Business Scenarios where values superimpose each other
Visualize Sales, Quantity, Total Revenue Generated across different product categories in a single chart
Geographical Distribution and Trends Along Time for Products along various parameters for different years
It can be used to visualize data across modules such as Sales, Marketing, Human Resources, etc.

Other Custom Visuals in xViz Suite

The table below gives an idea of the exclusive features for visuals shipped in the Pro version of xViz suite.

Pro Features enable unique Power BI UX experiences across the xViz Suite of visuals for one price.
Pro FeaturesVariance ChartMultiple Axes Chart Hierarchical Tree Hierarchical Filter Hierarchical Variance Table Linear Gauge Advanced GaugeGantt ChartBullet ChartParallel CoordinatesMarimekko ChartHorizon ChartTag cloud  
Number Formatting-
Adv.Editor/Conditional Formatting------
Sort by anything other than default value----------
Limited to 10 data series-----------
Customize plot area width------------
Show average------------
Expand On-Demand -----------
Hide absolute,percentage variance,comparison/actuals------------
No. of orienations,min/max angle,Remove special characters,Split words-----------
Qualitative Comparitive Bands------------
Target Marker Customization------------
Data label-Height and width----------
Using Height and width------------
Context menu-----------
More than 3 categories, Search, Using time period, Max 200 rows-------
Using more than 2 measures
Gauge options (Entire Section)-----------
3-D Mode-------------
Custom Data Labels------------
Find & Seek Search ----------
Filtering through Search----------
Multi-mode visual------------
Minimap Feature------------

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