Scatter/Bubble Chart

The xViz Visual provides 9 quick-start templates, including Scatter, Bubble, and an IBCS variation for both. A Scatterplot chart displays the relationship between two numerical values (X and Y coordinate) and ideal for correlation analysis and outlier detection. The bubble chart further enhances the Scatterplot’s information density by adding a size variable as a third dimension. You can also pack more information by using color as the fourth variable, either value or category with the help of conditional formatting.

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Key Features

Pre-Defined Templates

9 Pre-Defined Templates enabling you to quickly Build your Own Visualizations

IBCS Scatter and Bubble

The custom visual provides supports IBCS Scatter and Bubble Chart Variation

Bubble Customization

Customize the appearance of the bubble in the form of shape, pattern and custom images

Top N

Ranking and Displaying the Top ‘N’ and group the remaining as Others.


Enable different analytical options inside the custom visual such as Reference Lines. Custom Lines, Trends and much more


Enahance your storytelling options by adding comments/annotations inside the custom visual

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Leveraging Scatterplot for interactive data analysis in Power BI

In this webinar, deep dive into how the scatterplot visual can be utilized in your Power BI reports deriving business insights. The speaker will walk you through the advanced analytical features of the xViz Bubble/ Scatter Visual and how it enables Power BI users to achieve their goals.