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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the free version free for life?
Yes. xViz Visuals are free to use with all the Pro features unlocked in Microsoft Power BI Desktop in alignment with Power BI free Desktop concept. However, Pro License purchase is required to use the PRO features with Power BI Service, Premium, or Embedded Scenarios to be able to publish and share your Power BI reports with other users
Who is a Licensed User?

Anyone who will view the xViz visual (it could be a developer or a consumer)  is an xViz Licensed User. You could have hundreds of O365 or power bi users – but if you have only 2 developers and 48 Power BI users who will view the xViz visuals then you would license for 50 users. You need not license for your entire O365 licensed users.

Do I have an option to buy just one Visual?

Yes. After hearing from several customers, we have decided to offer the option to purchase individual visuals. So, you can now buy xViz visuals one at a time or as a bundle. This being said, with more than 10 years of experience in delivering custom visuals to over 200 enterprises using both SAP and Microsoft platforms has taught us that customers are best served by acquiring all custom visuals from the same vendor at the same time.

Some of the factors to bear in mind when considering whether to acquire a bundle or source visuals individually:

  1. Enterprises prefer to procure custom visuals solutions from a single supplier for stylistic compatibility and efficiency.
  2. Most customers prefer to streamline procurement, upgrades, maintenance, and user experience across all visuals.
  3. Bundled purchases help the xViz team to improve service by making it easier to manage billing, product updates, subscription renewals, and enterprise-class support.
  4. The xViz Suite pricing reflects all the above while delivering best value over individual a-la-carte visual purchase as currently offered.
What is the price for a Single Custom Visual?
After hearing from several customers, we have decided to offer the purchase of individual visuals. In the coming weeks, customers can buy xViz visuals one at a time or as a bundle. A single Custom Visual is only as low as $1 per user/ per month (min 10 users) for most visuals and $1.5 per user per month (minimum 10 users) for few premium visuals. Sliding scale volume discounting will also be available on the website for medium and large customers. They are also completely free to use with Power BI Desktop (free version).
Will Licensing be provided for a Single User?
We have made all our xViz visuals completely free for a single user when used with Power BI Desktop (free version). For multiple users, there is now a 5 User minimum for an xViz Suite purchase or a 10 user minimum for a-la-carte visual purchases.
When would I be getting license key after purchasing the xViz Suite Pro?
License Keys are issued immediately upon purchase for customers who can deploy them in Power BI as Organization Visuals.
We need a more advanced version of Gantt Chart. Will it be available as part of xViz Pro License?

No. We have made a strategic decision to remove Gantt Chart from the xViz Suite bundle. The Gantt chart will no longer have a Pro version but only a Free version and an Enterprise Edition version. We do intend to grandfather the Gantt Chart component for current Xviz Pro customers, as a one-time exercise. All current xViz Pro Licensees will automatically get access to the Gantt Enterprise Version at the user count they licensed if they have purchased xViz Pro before April 30th 2020.

Why was Gantt Chart removed from the xViz Suite?
After our initial launch, we discovered that most of our Gantt Chart prospects were only interested in that visual. They also requested significant enterprise grade feature enhancements, features and capabilities for Gantt Charts. In order to align with our customer interests, we moved this chart into a category of its own. Since we are adding more than five new visuals to the xViz Suite in the coming months (Small Multiples, Advanced Matrix, Packed Bubble, Time-Line Chart, 2 x 2 Quadrant Chart, KPI Tiles, … ), there are clear advantages to both customers and our company.
How will the xViz Pricing model change?
We would like to offer the best value to our customers at all segments (small, medium, and large enterprises) and this recent change is creating a more flexible pricing policy to cater to all types of customer expectations. While the model remains fairly constant, there may be increases or decreases depending on market demand and changes to the overall value of the visuals offerings (including our world-class support and maintenance).
Will the number of xViz visuals included in the bundle change from time to time ?
Yes. We intend to keep adding new visuals to our xViz bundle and also reserve the right to remove a visual when it no longer makes sense. We do intend to grandfather all current bundle components for current xViz Pro customers if any modifications to the bundle are made, as our way of saying thanks to early supporters. Please subscribe to our newsletters and visit the xViz website and community to stay tuned to the latest update
As a Xviz Pro Customer – would we get future visuals released to the Xviz Suite ?
Yes. You will be entitled to add all the latest visuals that are included in the xViz Suite.
What about Embedded Scenarios ?
Please refer to embedded tab above . Embedded Scenarios are priced on a case by case basis.
What about ISV / OEM Scenarios ?
Please refer to OEM Tab above . ISV / OEM Scenarios are priced on a case by case basis.
As a Xviz Pro Customer – would we get future upgrades and enhancements ?
We have got you covered. All customers who are part of the xViz Pro plan are entitled for free upgrades, enhancements as well as support.