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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are “Creators/Editors” licenses and who are “Viewers”?

Creators/Editors are users who can access your Power BI reports in the Edit mode and make changes to the report. Viewers are users who can only access a report in the “Reading” mode and cannot make any changes to the report. Please note that we only make this distinction for the xViz Pro Visualization Suite. Licensing is different for the xViz Project Management Suite (Gantt Chart).

How do I purchase fewer than 25 viewer licenses?

It is not possible to purchase fewer than 25 viewer licenses. This is the minimum number of licenses we can offer to allow us to deliver the value that we do to our customers.

How do I purchase more than 150 Creator/Editor Licenses (or) more than 2500 Viewer Licenses?

For large volume licensing (above the thresholds mentioned on our pricing page), contact our sales team at . Enterprise plans & unlimited usage plans are available that you can choose from.

Why do I not see “Viewer” licenses for the xViz Gantt Chart Enterprise?

For the xViz Gantt Chart Enterprise, we do not distinguish between “Viewers” and “Creators/Editors” – both “Viewers” and “Creator/Editors” are considered “Users”. It is necessary that Creators/Editors and Viewers both possess licenses to create/edit reports or view reports using the xViz Gantt Chart Enterprise visual. For example, if you have 2 report creators/editors creating reports using the visual and 10 viewers who view these reports, you would require to purchase a total of 12 (2 + 10) licenses for the visual.

Can re-sellers purchase xViz visuals for their customers? Are there transfer prices?

If you are a re-seller, you can purchase xViz for your customers directly from our website by providing your customer’s details under the “shipping” details when checking out. We DO NOT offer any transfer prices for re-sellers. Quotes can only be offered when the purchase value is at least 500 USD. For more details, please refer to our detailed FAQ page.

Can I use the licenses purchased on the website for Embedded or OEM/ISV scenarios?

Embedded scenarios and OEM/ISV scenarios require a type of licensing different from what we offer on our website. Contact our sales team at for more details on this type of licensing.

Can I purchase licenses using a Purchase Order?

You can purchase licenses using a PO as long as the order value is at least 500 USD. If your purchase meets these criteria, please contact our sales team at to process this. Please note that you will only receive your licenses after payment has been made in full.