Gantt Chart

For Microsoft® Power BI

The Gantt Chart for Power BI shows activities (tasks or events) displayed along a given timeline. On the left side of the chart is the Data Grid, which displays lists all the tasks as part of the project or work breakdown the structure to be completed.It is one of the most widely used project planning tools. It helps you visualize your project plan to articulate, communicate and monitor the progress.


Conditional Formatting

Apply different colors to tasks based on different rules to highlight the status

Multi-Mode Functionality

Switch between Gantt Chart and Gantt Resource Chart visualization using Multi-Mode

Zoom Range

Define different Zooming options during both design and runtime

Live Editing

Edit your Gantt charts on the fly

Display Additional Columns

Add more columns for categories and values to provide additional information

Date Formats

Provide insights and track performance with extensive support for the Date Formats

Customize Timeline

Define different levels for the timeline (year, quarter, months, weeks, days,…etc)


Add Milestones to keep track of deliverables and major events

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Feature Comparison of Free vs Pro version of the xViz Suite

xViz Gantt Chart

Features FreeProPower BI Gantt Chart
Additional chart type - Gantt resource
Alerting - Data Grid
Status Flag
Conditional Formatting
Zoom options - runtime and design time
Live editing
Today's date reference line and text
Collapse all nodes
Milestone customization
Number formatting
Semantic formatting
Progress Bar display - bar/bullet
Additional Columns (Categories and Value)
Data Grid customization
Parent node customization
Timeline customization
Define Different timeline levels
Data Label customization
Data label based on field
Summary Table
Color customization based on different rules
Alternate row color
Hover color
Connector lines
Legends for Milestone
Display Milestone in Parent node
Global font family
Days Off

Use Cases

Analyze progress made by task groups functioning in an Organization by pictorial representation of data 

Handling multiple resources across various timelines can be catered using this visual

Additional information regarding projects can be viewed on Power BI itself, without having to use additional tools

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