What is xViz?
xViz is a set of Enterprise Custom Visuals specifically built for Power BI, which enables users to make informed business decision anytime, anywhere
What can I use xViz for?
xViz custom visuals can be used to visualize data of all kinds in the most intuitive way
Is xViz customizable?
xViz advanced custom visuals are highly-configurable catering to a lot of enterprise needs at the click of a button
Whom should I contact to organize a demo for xViz?
Please reach out to sales@xviz.com for demo or write to support@xviz.com for product related queries.
Pricing & Licensing
Is the free version free for life?
Yes. The free version for xViz is free forever with a restriction of 2000 data cells
How does the pricing work for xViz for multiple users and multiple domain?
xViz has a very flat pricing structure. For Pro licenses, you can go by per uses xViz licenses upto 1000 users. Contact us a custom quote if more than 1000 users are required.
Technical / Support
How complex is the installation process?
Installation of xViz is as simple as any other custom visual. All you need to do is pick the required visual from the marketplace and in under License in the properties tab, you can add the license key that has been given to you(not applicable for free version)
Can xViz be used for desktop or web version of Power BI?
xViz custom visuals can be accessed from both desktop and web version of Power BI
Is there any ongoing support for xViz?
We have a dedicated global support helpdesk to assist all the users to their queries about xViz custom visuals