What is xViz?

xViz is a set of Enterprise Custom Visuals specifically built for Microsoft Power BI, which enables users to make informed business decision anytime, anywhere.

What can I use xViz for?

xViz Custom Visuals for Microsoft Power BI can be used to visualize data of all kinds in the most intuitive way and derive business insights from them

Is xViz customizable?

xViz Custom Visuals are highly-configurable catering to a lot of enterprise needs at the click of a button

Whom should I contact to organize a Demo for xViz?
Please reach out to sales@xviz.com for demo or write to support@xviz.com for product related queries.
Why am I seeing a Red Key in my Custom Visual?

The Red key is an indication that you are using a feature that is a part of the Pro version. As per the design, these features are available for the free version but there are certain limitations set.

How do I remove the xViz icon?

The xViz icon is automatically removed after the purchase of xViz Suite Pro.

Are the Custom Visuals Certified?

We are closely working with the Microsoft Team to get the custom visuals certified.

Pricing & Licensing
Is the free version free for life?

Yes. The free version for xViz is free forever with the following restrictions:

  • Data Cell Restrictions Apply
  • Includes xViz Logo
  • No Free Upgrades
How does the pricing work for xViz for multiple users and multiple domain?
xViz has a very flat pricing structure. For Pro licenses, you can go by per uses xViz licenses upto 1000 users. Contact us a custom quote if more than 1000 users are required.
What is the price for a Single Visual?

The pricing for xViz Suite Pro includes the entire set of visuals that are already available along with more than 15+ visuals that are yet to be released in the Microsoft AppSource. We do not offer licenses for specific visuals but only as a Suite.

Will Licensing be provided for a Single User?

The xViz Suite Pro Licensing starts from 5 users and includes the entire catalog of visuals that are available along with free upgrades to upcoming visuals to the suite

Why am I not getting the license key after purchasing the xViz Suite Pro?

The license for the xViz Suite Pro is embedded and you do not require a separate license key. Please contact your Power BI Administrator to get the xViz Suite Pro installed into the Organization Visuals. Once the above procedure is completed, the complete pro features of xViz Suite Pro can be accessed without any hassle

Can I get a free license key?
You can use the xViz Custom Visuals for free. For additional benefits and advanced features, you can purchase the xViz Suite Pro Version based on the number of users.
Technical / Support
Is it completely a cloud-based software and could only be used with the web application of Power BI?
No, the custom visuals are not completely cloud-based. It can be used in Power BI Desktop Version too.
Do you store any kind of information? If yes, then what type of data?
No, we do not store any kind of data. However, data must be imported into Power BI and these data can be visualized using xViz Custom Visuals.
Is there any ongoing support for xViz?
We have a dedicated global support helpdesk to assist all the users to their queries about xViz custom visuals