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Licensing for xViz visuals

I am a Power User who mostly only views reports, but occasionally, I will edit a report. Would I still need a Creator/Editor license?
Yes. ANY user who accesses the reports in edit mode, whether occasionally or regularly MUST possess a Creator/Editor license. Viewer licenses are restricted to Power BI’s reading mode ONLY.
The number of viewers I have does not fit into a smaller bucket, but the next available bucket has too many viewer licenses for my need. Can I have something in between?
We only offer fixed bucket sizes for the number of viewers. Our viewer bucket sizes have been set up in such a manner to allow for easy scaling for customers.
I want to purchase licenses for over 150 creators/editors and/or for over 2500 viewers, and your website does not seem to offer these options. What do I do?
If you require over 150 Creator/Editor licenses for a single visual, we offer the unlimited plan with no cap on the number of creators/editors.

If you require over 2500 Viewer licenses for a single visual, we offer the unlimited plan with no cap on the number of viewers.
I am purchasing these licenses for my department, and the number of viewers I have is lesser than 25 (which is the smallest bucket you have). What do I do?
Building & supporting 18+ visuals is highly resource- and effort-intensive. xViz visuals are built by an expert team with a decade of experience in building visuals for multiple BI tools/platforms including Microsoft and SAP. For the value delivered, it is not feasible for us to provide the visuals at a price lower than our base plan. You do however have the flexibility to support up to 25 viewers at no additional cost (for the base plan).

Licensing for xViz Gantt Chart

I do not see any “Viewer” or “Creator” licenses for the purchase of xViz Gantt Chart Enterprise – I only see “Users” – how does this work? Are “Viewers” considered “Users”?
For the xViz Gantt Chart Enterprise, we do not distinguish between “Viewers” and “Creators/Editors” – both “Viewers” and “Creator/Editors” are considered “Users”. It is necessary that Creators/Editors and Viewers both possess licenses to create/edit reports or view reports using the xViz Gantt Chart Enterprise visual. For example, if you have 2 report creators/editors creating reports using the visual and 10 viewers who view these reports, you would require to purchase a total of 12 (2 + 10) licenses for the visual.
Why can’t I purchase just 1 license of the Gantt Chart Enterprise visual? Why is the minimum purchase 5?
The enterprise version of Gantt visual is meant for multiple users within an organization. Given the highly resource- and effort-intensive nature of development & support, it is not economically feasible to offer the product at a price lower than what is quoted in the base plan. However, companies do gain the flexibility of adding up to 4 additional users without any added cost (for the base plan).
The website only allows me to purchase up to 50 licenses of the Gantt Chart Enterprise. What if I need more?

If you need more licenses, reach out to us at sales@xviz.com. Volume discounts are available for large enterprises.

I publish my reports which use the Gantt Chart Enterprise visual on a common portal or a website for my organization to view. I use only one ID to publish, and our viewers do not have to log in to a Power BI portal to view these reports. How many licenses do I need to purchase?
You will need to purchase enough licenses to cover all report creators/editors and all report viewers who will be consuming reports containing the Gantt Chart Enterprise visual. This is regardless of where you are publishing your reports for your end-users.

Embedded & ISV/OEM Usage

When do I need Embedded or OEM Licenses?

If you want to create applications containing xViz visuals using a Power BI Embedded subscription (contact your PBI administrator for clarifications), and you are providing access to users external to your organization non-commercially, i.e., you are not selling your application/product/solution/software or access to it to users external to your system, you will need Embedded Licenses.

If you are providing access to users external to your organization commercially, i.e., you are selling your application/product/solution/software or access to it to users external to your system, you will need OEM Licenses.

Can I purchase OEM/Embedded Licenses from the website directly?
You cannot purchase OEM licenses or Embedded licenses directly from our website. Please use the form available on the pricing page for the respective type of license you need and reach out to us. We will get in touch with you to provide pricing options and any additional details for the purchase.

Partners & Resellers

I am a reseller looking at purchasing xViz for my client/customer. Can I do so directly through the website?

Yes. Once you hit the Buy Now option to proceed to check out, just enter your customer’s details as the shipping details for the products you are purchasing. To do this, you will need to check the option labeled “Licensing it to a different user or company?

FAQ - xViz - Licensing it to a different user or company

PO Number can also be entered during checkout. The invoice will be sent to the email address provided in ‘Billing Details’ section, and the licenses will be electronically shipped to the shipping email address.

Do you offer reseller/transfer prices for xViz visuals?
We do not offer discounts to resellers or partners for these visuals. However, we do work with approved partners/resellers through other perks.
If I purchase xViz visuals for a customer, who is liable for the renewals? Is it me or the customer?
While the licenses are delivered to your customer, you are the owner of the licenses. This means that renewals or cancellations of these licenses are your responsibility. Ownership of the licenses CANNOT be transferred to your customer or any other entity.
I need to submit a quote to my customer for their approval to procure xViz licenses for them. Can you provide us with a quote?

We can certainly provide a quote for your customer. Please note that we only provide quotes addressed directly to your customer and not to resellers. Please note that we DO NOT offer quotes where the total purchase amount is less than 5,000 USD.

Is there a minimum number of licenses that I need to purchase?

The minimum number of licenses to be purchased depends on the visual you are purchasing and is the same for all customers – whether resellers or not. If you need a quote, we can offer one for a purchase above 5000 USD.

License Management/Administration

Are your licenses named and concurrent licenses?
We offer unnamed, per-seat licensing for our visuals. Every user (whether creator, editor, or viewer) will require a license to consume the visual. The type of licensing depends on the use case and the visual itself. Please refer to the sections above to find out how user licensing works for each suite of visuals. Our licenses are non-concurrent, i.e., licenses need to be purchased for the total number of unique users (whether creators/editors or viewers) and not just for the number of users simultaneously using/consuming the visual
Do you provide separate license keys for each user or a single license key for all users?

We provide one single license key for all users. However, please note that for Report Server we do not provide the license key per se – the license key will be embedded as part of the visual(s) file (.pbiviz) which must be directly imported in your Power BI report.

Are licenses transferrable between users?
While our licenses are unnamed and non-concurrent, you are required to possess enough licenses to cover every unique user (whether creator or viewer) accessing reports containing xViz visuals. These are NOT floating licenses – However, in rare cases where an employee is leaving your organization or team permanently, you may transfer usage of the license earmarked for them to another employee joining your team/organization.
Does xViz help in tracking the usage of licenses for its customers?
No. The onus of tracking and ensuring the proper usage of licenses lies with our customers.
If a user is accessing reports containing an xViz visual in different ways, does this add to multiple counts of usage of the license?

No. Our usage is on a per-unique-user basis. If a user internal to your organization accesses reports containing a visual in different ways – such as through a web portal, Power BI online as well as through Microsoft Teams – it still only counts as a single usage of the license since it is the same user accessing these reports. Please note that this is not the case for users external to your organization (see Embedded/OEM section).

Can I deploy the licensed visuals on multiple tenants?
Licenses purchased are application only for a SINGLE Power BI tenant (or) instance. If you would like to deploy the visuals on multiple tenants, you will require a different type of licensing. Please get in touch with our sales team at sales@xviz.com to learn more.


I would like to purchase xViz using a PO. Can I still make the purchase directly off the website?

At the moment, we are in the process of adding support for offline payments for xViz and it should be rolled out shortly. In the meanwhile, you can get in touch with our sales team via email at sales@xviz.com to complete your purchase using a PO or other offline modes of payment.

Is there are a minimum amount that I would need to make a purchase for in case I am paying using a PO?
Yes. We can only offer PO-based payment options for any purchase where the total purchase amount is 5000 USD or greater.
I am creating reports for a client of mine and deploying all reports on their environment. How do I purchase the licenses?
For this type of usage, you can either request your client to purchase the licenses for deployment on their environment and request for an allotment of a license to you to create reports within their environment. Alternatively, you can still purchase the licenses for your client and have it shipped to them – in this case, you will maintain ownership of the license and will be responsible for renewals and cancellations.
I would like to purchase multiple xViz visuals. The purchase page allows me only to choose one visual at a time. How do I complete this purchase?
At the moment, every visual can be purchased only using separate transactions.
Is there any way to cancel auto-renewal?
By default, all online subscriptions will auto-renew at the end of each billing year. Auto-renewal can be canceled by sending an email to the xViz support team requesting the same. This needs to be done by giving a notice of 30 days or more prior to the subsequent renewal date. The Subscription ID should be included in the email sent to the support team.

You will find the details of the support team in the ‘Download Details’ and ‘Purchase Invoice and Details’ emails that you will receive post-purchase.
How are licenses delivered? How long does it take?
Licenses are delivered electronically to the shipping email address that you provide at the time of checkout. For Credit Card payments, the process is entirely automated – as soon as we charge for the payment, the licenses are automatically dispatched. In case of PO-based payments, licenses are dispatched within 24-48 hours after the payment has been made in full.
How do I cancel my subscription?

You can choose to cancel your subscription prior to renewal by reaching out to our support team and raising a request to cancel your subscription at least 30 days prior to the renewal date of your subscription. Details of support team will be shared post purchase. The subscription ID should be included in the email sent to the support team.

Where can I find the xViz Terms of Service?
You can find our End User License Agreement here – https://xviz.com/agreement/
Can we make changes to the EULA and include our own terms and conditions?
We do not recommend any changes to be made to the EULA. Any changes to be made to the EULA will come with a legal fee of $12,000 as we will have to consult our attorneys.

Please understand that xViz visuals are add-on custom visuals built on Power BI. Most of our visuals are certified by Microsoft, and we do not have access to/transfer any of your data. All the data will reside in your environment only.

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