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Waterfall Chart

For Microsoft® Power BI

The xViz Waterfall Chart for Power BI is a powerful custom visual that effectively enables the display of the cumulative effect of sequential positive and negative values contributing to the final total. It is also known as cascade or bridge charts and are very popular in the financial world. Some of the common use cases for waterfall charts are for visualizing the P&L statements, cash flows, expenses management, etc.



Variance Analysis with Drilldown

Perform root cause analysis with n level drill-down

Breakdown Analysis

Apply simple and running sum Breakdown Analysis scenarios


Display navigated levels for drill-down scenarios

Data Label Customization

Choose between variance and variance % along with various formatting options

Intermediate Sum

Display totals or subtotals at any point within the Chart

Runtime Deviation Bar

Compare any two columns to display variance at runtime

Axis Break

Y-axis Scaling for easy viewing of Variances

Getting Started

Learn about the features offered by xViz Waterfall Chart for Power BI in this insightful video

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Feature Comparison

Features Power BI Waterfall Chart

xViz Waterfall Chart Features

Variance Analysis Scenario
Breakdown Scenario - Simple
Breakdown Scenario - Running Sum
Intermediate Sum
Breadcrumb Display
Number formatting
Axis Break
Runtime deviation Bar
Enable/ Rename Final Balance
Custom Sort (Var and Var %)
Context Menu
No of data series displayed
Reverse Axis
Label Orientation
Coloring options
Summary Table with advance features
Line Styling
Global font family
Utility Menu - Exporting Options
Footer section
X and Y Axis positioning
Axis Label customization
On Demand Drilldown

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