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billed annually $120
billed annually $120
1 Creators/Editors
(1 x $3/month)
25 Viewers
(25 x $0.28/month)

We accept most credit cards

All plans are charged annually with an option to cancel anytime

Prices are exclusive of taxes

About xViz Subscriptions

Subscription model
The xViz subscriptions are based on annual subscriptions. The license purchased will be valid for one year.
Invoicing and deliverable

On successful purchase:

– The ‘Paid’ invoice will be emailed to the billing contact.

– The licensed build (.pbiviz file) will be emailed to the shipping (licensee) contact along with the installation instructions.

Purchasing for a customer?

Provide your details for billing and the customer’s details for shipping. For more details, click here.

Payment methods

1. Purchases less than $5,000/year can only be made from the xViz website using a credit card.

– You can optionally provide a PO number during the checkout.

– Website purchases are self-service. We do not provide formal quotes or any additional paperwork for purchases less than $5,000/year.


2. Purchases greater than $5,000/year can be made from the xViz website using a credit card or using a PO. For PO purchases, contact sales@xviz.com. Note that the payment term is net 30 days.

Installation/Deployment process

We offer unnamed, per-seat licensing for our visuals. The license will be embedded as part of the visual(s) file (.pbiviz) that will be sent to you, which must be uploaded into your Organizational Store. By default, we provide the Organizational Store method of deployment. We recommend this method for the convenience it offers for updating the builds at the time of released updates and renewals.

Please refer to Deploy xViz Visuals in your Power BI environment: A How-to Guide for the pros and cons of all the deployment methods available for xViz. If you wish to change the deployment method, please contact our support team after the purchase.

Renewal process


– In the case of credit card purchases, the credit card on our system for the subscription will be auto-charged for the renewal on the due date. We remind the billing contact 30 days in advance of the due date.

– In the case of offline purchases, we will remind the billing contact 60 days in advance. So there is enough time for PO processing and bank transfers.

On receiving the renewal payment successfully:

– The ‘Paid’ invoice will be sent to the billing contact.

– The renewed license will be emailed to the shipping contact.


The renewed license must be re-deployed as per the current deployment method for the subscription.

Note – In case of no renewal/failed renewal/failure to re-deploy the renewed license by the due date, it will lead to having the ‘Upgrade’ prompt on the visual canvas in the reports.

Support model

The following will be included with all the paid licenses during the active subscription period:

· Technical support via e-mail (contact details will be sent with the delivery of the invoice and license)

· Response time is typically 2 working days

· Access to the latest releases of the purchased custom visuals

The customers are also provided with the login credentials after the purchase to access the subscription and build related information from the customer portal at any time.

Subscription Upgrade/Cancellation


You can reach us at any time during the subscription period for the upgrade. The upgrade will be done on a pro-rata basis for the remainder of the subscription period. For subsequent renewals, you will be charged the full amount.



You can choose to cancel your subscription by raising a request to cancel at least 30 days before the renewal date of your subscription.

Terms of Service

You can find our End User License Agreement here – https://xviz.com/agreement/

Got any further questions? You can find the answers to them here!

For any guidance on the license models or procurement, reach out to sales@xviz.com.

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