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How to Manage and Track Projects in Power BI using xViz Gantt Chart

Introduction to xViz – Custom Visuals Suite for Microsoft Power BI

Project Management, Resource Allocation, and Scheduling across timelines in Power BI can be performed extensively with xViz Gantt Chart Custom Visual. It enables users to analyze various the progress of various tasks/events over a given period of time and also comes with strong functional capabilities that help in deriving deeper insights.

In this webinar, we will take you through how efficient project management can be achieved using the xViz Gantt Chart.  A live demonstration of gathering insights from a project planning dataset simplified into an informative visualization using the custom visual on Microsoft Power BI.



  1. Introduction to xViz
  2. An Overview of the Features and Capabilities
  3. Live Demonstration
  4. Q&A

Due to the pandemic caused by COVID-19, the ‘Live Webinar Session’ scheduled on 29th April has been converted to an ‘On-Demand Version’.

The Webinar is now Available and you can watch it at your convenience anytime.

About the Presenter:

Bhupinder Singh Chadha is a Lead BI Consultant, xViz COE Team at Visual BI Solutions. Bhupi specializes in delivering world-class products & solutions in the field of Data visualization and Business Intelligence. He has a demonstrated expertise as a Lead Consultant & Strategist with a diversified clientele across Oil & Gas, Retail, Medical Devices, and Health Care industries.

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