How to purchase and use the xViz licenses from Microsoft

Prachi Mishra
October 19, 2022

Contents of this blog:

License Purchase

Step 1: Find the xViz visual and view its associated plans in Microsoft AppSource

license purchase

Step 2: Click on ‘Buy Now

Step 3: Select the required Plan

Step 4: Select price + billing options:

  • Billing term: Monthly or yearly
  • Recurring billing can be set to enable auto-renewal
  • Provide the number of users

Note: License is required for all the report users - report creators/editors as well as viewers.

Step 5: Provide the Payment Method and Place the order

Step 6: Upon successful order completion, you will be given the link to Microsoft 365 Admin center to assign the purchased licenses:

license purchase

License Assignment

Step 7: After the purchase, customers assign and manage the user licenses in Microsoft 365 Admin centre.

license assignment

Note – you can also assign the license to all the users of an O365 group by providing the group in the above input box, instead of assigning the license to every individual user.

Managing the xViz license purchased from Microsoft AppSource

You can access the information about the license purchased by you and manage it in the Subscriptions - Microsoft 365 admin center. Every subscription is associated with a subscription Id which is essential for any support ticket that you raise:

manage licenses

Need any help with the subscription? You can reach out to the Microsoft team using these options available in the Microsoft 365 Admin center – on the bottom right section of your screen

manage licenses

Questions? Refer to our the FAQs

Disclaimer: The snapshots provided above are as per the date on which this blog was drafted. The interface of the Microsoft 365 Admin center is subject to change by the Microsoft team.

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