Hierarchy Variance Table

Power BI Certified xViz Visual
The Hierarchy Variance Table for Power BI is an advanced feature in Inforiver matrix that provides the user with the ability to view and analyze hierarchical data with much more detailing added to it. The extensive list of features lets you consume business trends, hierarchies, and different forms of data all at once and view it in a much appealing visual form. The inbuilt arithmetic capabilities of this table provide the absolute and relative variances to previous year and plan using three table templates.

Key Features

Conditional formatting

Conditional Formatting

% Variance Based on Conditional Formatting is applied to each member by default

Expand/Collapse-enabled hierarchical table

Without the need to drill-down, you can view all the levels of data at once on the Hierarchical Variance table.
Styling Feature Pie

Track Absolute and % Variance

The table calculates the Absolute Variance, % Variance at every level of the hierarchy irrespective of the level.
Various chart types

Display Sparkline

When Time Period is added to Hierarchical Variance Table, a sparkline appears beside every value

Search, Filter, Find, Seek

Advanced Search Option in the Hierarchical Variance Table lets you search and filter important specific data
Display settings

Semantic Formatting

This feature enables you to visually differentiate positive and negative values based on your enterprise needs.

What do I get in the PRO version?

Features Power BI GaugexViz Advanced Gauge FreexViz Advanced Gauge Pro
Chart Type - Full circle and Arc
Adv Conditional Formatting - Track background
Marker Customization
Number Formatting
Semantic Formatting
Gauge width and positioning
Single Axis / Dual Axis
Data Label Customization
Needle display
Reverse Axis
Axis Label Customization
Global font family
Utility Menu - Exporting Options
Chart Type - Semi Circle
Footer section
Context Menu
– Not Available – Available in Desktop – Available in Desktop & Service

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