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PLANO, Texas, 06 May 2020

Visual BI Solutions, a niche global BI & Analytics solutions firm, announced that their xViz Pro Visuals Suite is now fully unlocked and free forever for Microsoft Power BI desktop users. This means that users can now use the xViz Pro visuals without any kind of feature restrictions or watermarks when they use it on the Power BI desktop.

The blog posted on its website lists a key factor behind this change driven by the fact that the underlying Microsoft Power BI desktop product itself is free. This realignment now ensures that the users can leverage xViz Pro to build reports & dashboards without incurring any cost or feature restrictions.

Users will have to pay only when such visuals are published to Power BI Service, Report Server, or Power BI Premium. Also, xViz has now introduced Flexible Pricing Options that include a-la-carte pricing of visuals, allowing both individuals as well as unlimited corporate licenses and separate enterprise support add-on subscriptions.

Gopal Krishnamurthy, Founder/CEO of Visual BI, said: “This realignment ensures that customers in all business segments – small, medium & large enterprises – stand to gain. The xViz free desktop offering will bring new advanced visualization seekers to both Power BI desktop and xViz and drive much wider adoption of both.”

Important changes:

  1. xViz Pro (fully featured) is now completely free with Microsoft Power BI Desktop, aligning fully with Microsoft’s Free Power BI Desktop strategy.
Flexible pricing
  1. Just like Power BI Pro, Power BI Premium and Power BI Embedded, xViz Pro or Enterprise licenses are only needed when users publish and share reports using Power BI Service and/or Power BI Premium.
  2. xViz visuals are now available individually for as low as $1.00 or $1.50 per user per month, subject to a minimum of 10 users.
flexible pricing
  1. Unlimited users for a-la-carte visuals are now available for large enterprises.
  2. Enterprise support is now available as an add-on subscription for customers that require a higher level of engagement and an SLA.
  3. The only visual not available as part of the xViz Pro Suite is Gantt Chart Enterprise, which will now be sold separately.


Read the Press Release from PRNewswire here.

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