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Managing projects with multiple phases in Power BI using Gantt Chart

Have you ever wondered how can we visualize the timeline of various projects with multiple phases? With multiple ongoing projects, and each having to go through a series of phases, it becomes essential to visualize the plan in an effective manner. Consider having the following data of four construction projects, each with five stages and […]

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Monitoring & Managing Projects in Power BI using Gantt Chart Alerting Configurations

When it comes to tracking & monitoring projects, the xViz Gantt Chart can be a very useful tool in your arsenal. The tool offers plenty of enterprise-level features that set it apart, and these features can be set up easily by business users as well. Of these many features, one that we’d like to particularly […]

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Efficient Project Management in Power BI with the Latest Gantt Chart Edition v1.1.6

This blog is part of the Gantt chart Blog Series. We are proud to announce the latest release of our xViz  Gantt chart (V 1.1.6). Following is a quick summary of exciting new features added to as part of this release. You can also view the recent Webinar –  How to Manage and Track Projects in Power […]

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Write Back Gantt Chart Project Data in Power BI to the Database

This blog is a part of the Gantt Chart Blog Series. The xViz Gantt Chart for Microsoft Power BI allows users to perform runtime edits. This is one of the most liked features of this visual, and such changes can also be stored as a bookmark. However, some may prefer to persist the changes to an […]

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Visualize Microsoft Project Data in Power BI using xViz Gantt Chart

This blog is a part of the Gantt Chart Blog Series. Microsoft Project is one of the most popular project management tools to allow project managers, controllers and team members to plan schedules, track the progress of each task and allocate resources as needed to deliver a successful project. You may have already used it as […]

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10 New Features in xViz Gantt Chart

This blog is part of Gantt chart Blog Series. Since our last release in December 2019, we added some new exciting features to our xViz Gantt Chart. Following is the list of the top features added to our xViz Gantt Chart for Power BI: Progress Bar Display New Alerting options Different Milestone Types and Legend Additional columns […]

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Alerting Techniques in xViz Gantt Chart for Power BI

This blog is part of Gantt chart blog series Just like other xViz Suite Custom Visuals, the xViz Gantt chart also provides a robust set of alerting functionalities. There are 3 different types of alerting or visual highlighting in Gantt chart which are as follows: Conditional formatting for Timeline (Progress Bar) 2. Conditional formatting for Data […]

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xViz Gantt Chart Configuration - A Step by Step Guide

This blog is part of the Gantt Chart Blog Series Recently we released the Gantt Chart as part of the xViz suit and one of the common requests we got from customers is that they would like to build a sample Gantt chart similar to the ones listed in the previous blog – 5 use-cases for Gantt Chart. I […]

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5 Use Cases for xViz Gantt Chart in Power BI

Note: This blog addresses some features of the custom visual that will be available in the App Source in Nov 2019. To get this latest build, reach out to us here. This blog is part of the Gantt Chart Blog Series Gantt charts are a set of bars representing a task across a certain timeline. Where the […]

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Gantt Chart- Advanced Custom Visuals for Power BI

Note: For the Latest Feature Updates to xViz Gantt Chart Power BI Visual, check this blog out! This blog is part of the Gantt Chart Blog Series Gantt Chart is one of the most widely used project planning tools. It helps you visualize your project plan to articulate, communicate, and monitor the progress. A Gantt Chart shows […]

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