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xViz Featured in Power BI Desktop Summary Blog December 2019

Microsoft released the Power BI Desktop Summary blog for December 2019 that features the new visuals from xViz Suite extensively. The custom visuals discussed in detail are: Hierarchical Tree – can be used to visualize hierarchies of different sizes in an appealing way 2. Bullet Chart – variation of bar chart that requires less real estate and displays multiple […]

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Alerting Techniques in xViz Gantt Chart for Power BI

This blog is part of Gantt chart blog series Just like other xViz Suite Custom Visuals, the xViz Gantt chart also provides a robust set of alerting functionalities. There are 3 different types of alerting or visual highlighting in Gantt chart which are as follows: Conditional formatting for Timeline (Progress Bar) 2. Conditional formatting for Data […]

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xViz Gantt Chart Configuration - A Step by Step Guide

This blog is part of the Gantt Chart Blog Series Recently we released the Gantt Chart as part of the xViz suit and one of the common requests we got from customers is that they would like to build a sample Gantt chart similar to the ones listed in the previous blog – 5 use-cases for Gantt Chart. I […]

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