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xViz Featured in Power BI Desktop Summary Blog December 2019

by | Dec 18, 2019 | Power BI Desktop Summary

Microsoft released the Power BI Desktop Summary blog for December 2019 that features the new visuals from xViz Suite extensively.

The custom visuals discussed in detail are:

  1. Hierarchical Treecan be used to visualize hierarchies of different sizes in an appealing wayDecomposition Tree for Power BI
  2. Bullet Chartvariation of bar chart that requires less real estate and displays multiple measures
    Bullet Chart for Microsoft Power BI
  3. Gantt Charthelps visualize project plan to articulate, communicate and monitor progress
    Gantt Chart for Microsoft Power BI
  4. Parallel Coordinates plot multivariate numerical data, compare many variables together
    Parallel Coordinates - Custom Visual for Power BI

The blog from Sujata Narayana, Program Manager, Microsoft provides comprehensive insights on the highly advanced conditional formatting, configuration capabilities and various other features present in xViz Custom Visuals.

Click here to import the latest visuals to your Power BI.

You can look at the other advanced custom visuals by xViz here

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