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IBCS Scatter/Bubble Chart – Power BI Visual Key Features

by | Nov 12, 2020 | Bubble/Scatter Chart

IBCS stands for International Business Communication Standard and defines applying proper conceptual, perceptual, and semantic design to visuals. Along with providing support for standard chart definition and strategic use case, the xViz Bubble/ Scatter also supports IBCS standard use case with dedicated quick-start templates.

IBCS Scatter and IBCS Bubble

The IBCS templates deliver 2 important aspects of the IBCS standard

  1. Color – The templates come pre-configured with the color and patterns as recommended by IBCS
  2. Axis Range – Divide the X and Y axis into different segments
    IBCS Scatter Color and Bubble Styling

IBCS Scatter

The following example represents Sales and Profit percentage across different products which are grouped by the respective product lines as denoted by their color. The Axis ranges help buckets the data points further into different zones. For example, ‘Labels’ lies under high profit but low sales region.
IBCS Scatter


IBCS Bubble

Along with X and Y, the bubble chart provides bubble size as the third variable of information. The below example displays the product Revenue and Growth on the X and Y axis and gross margin by the bubble size. For comfortable viewing, the IBCS Bubble automatically displays the top 10 bubbles and groups the remaining into ‘Others’ bubble(styled differently in red) when there are 15 or more bubbles displayed.
IBCS Bubble


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