Data Visualization using Small Multiples in Power BI

Imagine that you are a general manager, and you want to monitor how all the stores in the region are performing, in terms of sales and goods sold. You could have around ten stores in a particular state. Monitoring this on a line chart could get messy and confusing. To get valuable insights, the best […]

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Key Enhancements to the Advanced Trellis/Small Multiples [v1.1.4] Power BI Visual

This blog is part of the xViz Advanced Trellis Blog Series We are proud to announce the latest version of xViz Advanced Trellis (aka Small Multiples) V 1.1.5 with several new chart types, features, and improved UX. Following are the list of new features and enhancements  Key Features – Summary New chart options – Normal Charts […]

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Advanced Trellis (Small Multiples) - Key Features of Power BI Visual

The xViz Advanced Trellis chart(aka small multiples) is of a group of similar charts having a common axis and value fields split across a category. For example, you can compare the same Product Sales across different countries, where each country is a separate chart. They are a great choice when it comes to analyzing trends […]

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