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xViz Radar/Polar Chart – Power BI Custom Visual Key Features

by | Mar 31, 2020 | Radar/Polar Chart

The xViz Radar/ Polar Chart is the latest addition to the xViz suit of Visuals for the Month of April 2020. As the name suggests, it supports Radar and Polar Chart use cases along with the Radial Chart option.
The Radar Charts (aka as spider charts, polar charts, web charts, or star plots) are ideal for visualizing multivariate data similar to Parallel Coordinates chart. They are used to plot one or more groups of values over multiple common variables. As an example, you could use this visual to compare the score of students across different courses. Now, let’s take a look at some of the key features offered by xViz Radar/Polar

Key Features

  1. Chart Types
    The xViz Radar/ Polar supports 3 chart options –

    Radar Power BI Custom Visual


    Polar Power BI Custom Visual

    Radial Power BI Custom Visual

    The Radial Chart type is like the column/bar chart, just that the data is present in radial nature rather than columns. They may not be the best type of visualization as compared columns/bars which give you a better visual interpretation of the value being measure by the length of the bars but are catchy and attractive and may suit businesses with different taste and needs

  2. Series Types
    The xViz Radar and Polar Chart both have different series options depending on the chart configuration i.e. without a legend field. The 10+ series options are as follows:
    RadarRadar Power BI Custom Visual Series Types
    Polar Power Bi Custom Visual Series Types
  3. Interactive Legends
    The Radar /Polar chart is great for comparing a small number of categories or variables. However, they start becoming cluttered and confusing with the increase in the categories of variables and are often prone to reading errors. One way of overcoming this issue is by limiting the number of category members being viewed with the help of interactive legends in the xViz Radar/ Polar chart. You can enable or disable the legend items with simply clicking them and focus on a few to avoid cluttering.
    Radar/Polar Power BI Custom Visual
  4. Data Label
    Data labels make charts look more informative and easy to ready without the need to hover. All the 3 chart types – radar, polar and radial chart support data labels.
    Radar/Polar Chart Power BI Custom Visual
  5. Axis Scaling
    The Axis in the case of xViz Radar and Polar Chart scale automatically based on the values provided. As seen in the below example the axis starting point is 40 instead of 0  and max is 100 thus making the chart easier to read. However, you can also set the scale limits manually if you would prefer by turning off the ‘Auto Axis Min/ Max’.
    Radar/Polar Chart Power BI Custom Visual
  6. Conditional Formatting
    Just like other xViz Charts, the xViz Radar / Polar Chart supports conditional formatting for visually highlighting the outliers based on different rules.
    Conditional Formatting in Radar Power BI Custom Visual
  7. Conditional formatting in Legends
    Legends help understand the data by displaying the meaning each color has on the chart. You can display the Conditional Formatting rules in a legend of the xViz Charts by enabling the ‘Conditional Formatting Legends’ from the property sheet. This will not only help you understand the rule behind the visual alerting but also give you the ability to disable the conditional formatting rule in case you don’t need it. Radar and Polar Custom Visual Power BI
  8. Axis Formatting Options
    The xViz Radar/Polar Chart provides extensive Axis formatting options including value Axis formatting and the Label formatting options.
  9. Summary Table
    The xViz Charts natively provide a toggle option to a tabular format for users who would like to view the detailed data in a table.
    Radar/Polar Chart Power BI Custom Visual



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