Hierarchical Filter

For Microsoft® Power BI

The Hierarchical Filter for Power BI is a selector component like a slicer, just that it can display multiple category values in an expandable tree view used to displayed hierarchical nodes for filtering. Each node in the custom visual can be expanded and collapsed for optimal navigation through the hierarchy and single/ multiple selections can be made to select the desired nodes. Advanced customization options include conditional formatting, customization of appearance settings for better styling and interaction capabilities.


Conditional Formatting

Apply different colors to nodes based on different rules to highlight status


Find Nodes easily among the complicated Hierarchy

Context Menu

Navigate Hierarchy with basic and custom expand/collapse at Runtime

Appearance Customization

Customize nodes’ and parent nodes’ appearance and interactions

Filter Type

Choose between a Dropdown or List box to optimize Dashboard Real Estate

Node Selection and customization

Select one or more Nodes, and hide Empty Nodes if the Hierarchy is unbalanced

Display settings

Configure default category level and child count display


Display additional information for each of the Hierarchy Nodes

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Feature Comparison of Free vs Pro version of the xViz Suite

xViz Hierarchical Filter

Features FreeProPower BI Gantt Chart
Selector Type - Dropdown/ listbox
Adv Conditional Formatting
Search - Filter/ Find & Seek
Display Value
Support for Hierarchies
Hide empty - Value & Catgory
Number Formatting
Semantic Formatting
Child node count
Single / Multi Select
Select All
Default Expand To Level
Default no of series display
On select customization
On Hover customization
Context Menu
Hide blank values/ categories
Support for unbalanced hierarchy
Unrestricted level hiearchy support
Header formatting

Use Cases

Display sales values for the hierarchical filter and conditional format them based on whether it has met the target or not.

This allows you to get a quick snapshot of the most important KPI for each category.

Helps you filter complex hierarchical data categorically that can be analyzed through selections from the filter

Visually engage hierarchical folder structure along with its sub-elements

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