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7 New Features in xViz Hierarchical Filter (v 1.1.1) for Microsoft Power BI

Bhupinder Singh Chadha
February 11, 2020

This blog is part of the Hierarchical Filter Series.
One of the most important visuals in any dashboard in my experience is the filter visuals as they help slice and dice the data and navigate to the pain points quickly.
The xViz Hierarchical Filter has been our most downloaded visual ever since its release last year. We have added some new exciting features to our xViz Hierarchical Filter.

Following is the list of the top features added:

  1. New Filtering Experience – Dropdown
  2. Support for Ragged Hierarchies
  3. Child Node count
  4. Unlimited category levels -no more limited to 10
  5. More context menu options- expand/collapse all.
  6. Header properties
  7. Row Height

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Features – Description

  1. Dropdown Mode
    You can now choose between the 2 different filtering experience i.e. Dropdown or List view. The dropdown option comes in handy when you have limited space on the canvas or in case you have many filters visuals on the page and you would like to better utilize the dashboard real estate.
7 New Features in xViz Hierarchical Filter

2. Support for Ragged Hierarchies
Blank rows often occur in case of ragged hierarchies or when the value for a given field is empty. To overcome these issues, we now have two new options:

  • Hide Blank Value – Hides the node when the value for a given member is null.
  • Hide Blank Member – Hides the nodes displaying blank member.
7 New Features in xViz Hierarchical Filter

3. Child Node count
The child node count displays the number for children the node has. This gives the end-users an idea on how many levels or members the node has.

7 New Features in xViz Hierarchical Filter

4. Header Properties
A new section has been added to cater to different properties related to header display like Header text, background color, font color, and size. Also, the header now displays the count of items selected. Thus, making it easier for end-users to understand the number of items selected especially in case of dropdown view.

7 New Features in xViz Hierarchical Filter

5. Support for n Category Levels
The previous limit of 5 categories has been removed. This means that you can now display hierarchies as deep as 10 levels or more

7 New Features in xViz Hierarchical Filter

6. Expand/Collapse all
The context menu has been added with some new options – Expand/collapse all. This makes navigating multilevel hierarchies easier as you can expand all or collapse all to get to the desired node quickly.

7 New Features in xViz Hierarchical Filter

7. Row Height
As requested by customers, we added the row height to increase the spacing between the rows to give a cleaner look

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