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xViz Waterfall Chart : Addressing frequently asked features from Power BI Ideas place

This blog is a part of the Waterfall Blog Series. The xViz Waterfall Chart delivers powerful features including the ability to customize interim & final balances, custom sorting, number formatting, and more. In building this custom visual, we paid keen attention to frequently asked features from the Power BI Ideas site for the waterfall chart. As a […]

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20+ Configuration Options in xViz Multi Axes Chart for Power BI

This blog is a part of the Multi-Axes Chart Blog Series The xViz Multi-Axes Chart as the name suggests provides the options to display multiple values on the different Y-axis (max 5). For example, you can visualize your sales ($), units (MT) and average selling price($) all at once in the same visual with each value […]

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xViz Funnel / Pyramid Chart Featured in Desktop Summary February 2020

The recently released Microsoft Power BI Desktop Summary Blog (February 2020) extensively features the xViz Funnel / Pyramid Chart. The Funnel and Pyramid Chart for Power BI acts as two in one visual. It functions in two different visualization modes – Default and 3D. It is highly customizable with an extensive deck of properties for […]

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Visualize Corona Virus Outbreak using xViz Custom Visuals

The 2019 n-CoV, commonly known as the Novel Corona Virus has been continually spreading around the world at an alarming rate and has reached the level of a global pandemic. The 2019 n-CoV was first reported in Wuhan, China in December 2019 and it has been spreading endlessly across the world causing high fatality among […]

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7 New Features in xViz Hierarchical Filter (v 1.1.1) for Microsoft Power BI

This blog is part of the Hierarchical Filter Series.One of the most important visuals in any dashboard in my experience is the filter visuals as they help slice and dice the data and navigate to the pain points quickly.The xViz Hierarchical Filter has been our most downloaded visual ever since its release last year. We have […]

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10 New Features in xViz Gantt Chart

This blog is part of Gantt chart Blog Series. Since our last release in December 2019, we added some new exciting features to our xViz Gantt Chart. Following is the list of the top features added to our xViz Gantt Chart for Power BI: Progress Bar Display New Alerting options Different Milestone Types and Legend Additional columns […]

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