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by | Oct 17, 2019 | xViz

Note: This blog addresses some features of the custom visual that will be available in the App Source in Oct 2019. To get this latest build, reach out to us here.


This month we release 3 new visuals as part of our xViz suite of visuals for Power BI in the Microsoft App source-


  1. Advanced Gauge
  2. Hierarchical Filter
  3. Hierarchical Tree (Coming Soon).

Of which my personal favorite is the Hierarchical Filter.


The Hierarchical Filter is a selector component like a slicer, just that it can display multiple category values in an expandable tree view used to displayed hierarchical nodes for filtering. Each node can be expanded and collapsed for optimal navigation through the hierarchy and single/ multiple selections can be made to select the desired nodes.

Now let’s look at some of the key features of the xViz hierarchical filter which would help you easily slice and dice your data by providing a simple hierarchical tree view


Filter Settings – Category Display

You can configure the filter interaction and category display setting using the filter settings.

1. Single select/ Multi select node selection– The user can either configure the filter to act as a single select or multi select option.

xViz Custom Visuals for Microsoft Power BI

2. Category Display Settings – The default category level to be displayed along with no of hierarchical attributes to be displayed can be configured using the following two properties.

xViz Custom Visuals for Microsoft Power BI


Display Measure value

Along with the categories, the Xviz Hierarchical filter also gives the option to display measure values. This way one can have a quick snapshot of the most important KPI for each of the category values. For  e.g. you could display sales values for the hierarchical filter and conditional format is based on whether it has met the target or not. This way you could quickly focus on the categories which haven’t met the target.



Appearance Settings

The Xviz provides robust set of appearance settings for better styling and interaction capabilities which are listed as follows:

1. Alternate row Color – Just like the Table, the hierarchical filter provides alternate row coloring for better readability.



2. Selected value customization – It becomes lot easier as an end user to quickly identify the selected filter value if it is styled differently from the rest of the items.


3. Hover customization – Ability to define hover color


4. Icon Colors – Filter, Search, Search text



Conditional Formatting

Just like the charts, the hierarchical filter can also be conditionally formatted. This property comes in very handy as it helps end user to spot the outliers quickly and navigate to the pain points. The Conditional formatting is part of the pro feature and can be done by assigning color to both font and background.



Search Capability

The Xviz Hierarchical filter provides search functionality, which allows users to search for a particular value across the complete hierarchy. There are 2 different types of search operations you can choose from

1. Filter – Filters the dashboard based on the searched value


2. Find and Seek – Displays the values being searched without affecting the dashboard



Runtime options

1. Clear filter – Clear all select nodes

2. Custom context Menu – The context menu provides you the option to expand/ collapse the hierarchical tree view for easy navigation

xViz Custom Visuals for Microsoft Power BI



If you feel you are limited with having only one measure value in the hierarchical filter. You could try using the tooltip option in order to display additional information for each of the category fields.


We have covered the key features of xViz Hierarchical Filter Chart so far but there is more. To get the latest version of the custom visual, reach out to us here.

You can take a look at the other advanced custom visuals by xViz here.

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