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Radar / Polar Power BI Visual highlighted in Power BI Desktop Summary April 2020

by | May 7, 2020 | Power BI Desktop Summary

One of the latest addition to the xViz Pro Suite is Radar/Polar Advanced Visual is highlighted in the Power BI Desktop Summary Blog for the month of April 2020. The blog highlights many functionalities of the Radar/Polar Power BI Visual and how they close the gaps discussed in Power BI Ideas Place.

The xViz Pro Suite including Radar/Polar Power BI Visual is available for free with all the Pro functionalities unlocked for Power BI Desktop.

Following are the list of Key Features for xViz Radar/Polar Chart

  1. 3 -in- 1 Chart: Choose between Radar, Polar and Radial Visualizations;
  2. 10+ Series  Options: Display Line, Column, Area, Stacked, Stacked Percentage
  3. Advance data label customization with support for totals display in case of the Stacked Radial chart
  4. Axis customization: Automatically or manually set the axis min and max value
  5. Support for legend
  6. Advanced Conditional formatting for visually highlighting outliers based on different rules
  7. Number formatting options to customize values based on various business scenarios
  8. Summary table: Tabular view of data


Check out the blog by Sujata Narayana here.


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