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Packed Bubble & Hierarchy Filter featured in Power BI Desktop Summary May 2020

Packed Bubble, the xViz visual of the month May was highlighted in Power BI Desktop Summary May 2020 Edition. The key features of the custom visual showcased in the blog are as follows: Bubble Clustering and Grouping Capability based on assigned Legend field Data Label customization: Choose from different Data Label formats to display combinations of […]

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Launch your Favourite Netflix Genre with Power BI

It is the Quarantine period, and a lot of us are taking the couch during the weekends to watch movies and television series on Netflix. Sometimes, it becomes very cumbersome to spend hours of your free time scrolling around the menus in the Netflix sections, only to end up re-watching the same movies and shows […]

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xViz Packed Bubble Chart - Key Features of Power BI Visual

The xViz Packed Bubble chart is similar to the Bubble chart wherein the bubbles are tightly packed rather than spread over the X and Y-axis. It requires a single category and value to begin with where the Category field defines the individual bubbles and value represent the bubble size. You can enable interaction features like […]

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10+ Reasons to use Hierarchy Filter/Slicer in your Power BI Dashboards

This blog is a part of the Hierarchy Filter Blog Series. Since Microsoft Power BI’s recent release of native Hierarchy Slicer, we have a number of customers questioning why we would need this xViz Advanced Hierarchy Slicer. While native Power BI Hierarchy Slicer covers the hierarchy slicing capabilities very well, there are still numerous use cases […]

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Radar / Polar Power BI Visual highlighted in Power BI Desktop Summary April 2020

One of the latest addition to the xViz Pro Suite is Radar/Polar Advanced Visual is highlighted in the Power BI Desktop Summary Blog for the month of April 2020. The blog highlights many functionalities of the Radar/Polar Power BI Visual and how they close the gaps discussed in Power BI Ideas Place. The xViz Pro Suite including […]

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xViz Introduces Flexible Pricing Options to benefit all Business Segments

After establishing a strong presence in the Microsoft Power BI Visuals market, our xViz advanced visuals will now offer additional plans & flexible licensing options to businesses. For the past several months, we have been working on adding new visuals to the xViz Suite and delivering new capabilities to existing visuals. And now, in addition […]

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xViz Hierarchy Filter (v 1.1.3) - What's New in the Power BI Visual?

This blog is part of the Hierarchy Filter / Advanced Hierarchy Slicer Series. In case you happened to miss out on the recent Webinar by Anoovendhan Subramanian on xViz Hierarchical Filter, here is a quick highlight on some of the latest features added to our new xViz Hierarchy Filter- Version 1.1.2 Value Filter / Measure Filter Conditional […]

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Write Back Gantt Chart Project Data in Power BI to the Database

This blog is a part of the Gantt Chart Blog Series. The xViz Gantt Chart for Microsoft Power BI allows users to perform runtime edits. This is one of the most liked features of this visual, and such changes can also be stored as a bookmark. However, some may prefer to persist the changes to an […]

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