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How to create 100% Stacked Area Charts in Power BI Dashboards

Area charts are very useful in visualizing dense data over time. 100% Stacking is a part-to-whole representation of the area chart to focus on the contribution of different categories and across the horizontal axis like time.  The xViz Multiple Axes Chart provides a variety of data representations in up to 5 different axes. The data representation […]

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Performance Analysis of Stores in Power BI with Multi-Axes Visual

Tracking the performance of any entity, like Stores, involves evaluating several KPIs. This brings a need to concisely represent multiple KPIs for comparison in one visual. Most of the time, these measures might not have the same scale or even be the same kind of measure, for example, you might want to see sales in […]

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Configure Lasso and Inverse Lasso in Power BI using Multi Axes Visual

How often have you felt the need to focus on a specific range of information in the report, that is of more relevance to you? Or felt the need to exclude a range of information that is skewing the data, to see the impact of other information? A few ways to do this are to […]

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Storytelling using Annotations in Power BI with xViz Visuals

This blog is part of the Multi Axes Blog Series Annotations provide context to enhance your storytelling experience with textual call outs and drive attention to important areas. Annotations help communicate one’s ideas effectively by drawing attention to the marked areas with different colored icons and arrows. Use Cases Storytelling – Answer immediate questions as to what […]

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External URL Drilldown using xViz Multi Axis Chart for Power BI

This blog is part of the Multi Axes Blog Series In this blog, we will see how to pass dynamic values to an external Drilldown Report (SAP Webi) from Power BI using External URL feature from xViz Multi Axes Chart. xViz Visuals has made our analytics life easier by providing many useful features that easily integrate […]

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Latest Features of xViz Multi Axes Chart in Power BI [v1.1.5]

This blog is part of the Multi Axes Blog Series In this blog, we will be looking at some of the latest feature additions to the xViz Multi Axes Chart v1.1.5 and how they empower better reporting in Power BI. What’s New – Summary Annotation New Utility Menu Runtime Deviation Bar External URL Interaction – Lasso, […]

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20+ Configuration Options in xViz Multi Axes Chart for Power BI

This blog is a part of the Multi-Axes Chart Blog Series The xViz Multi-Axes Chart as the name suggests provides the options to display multiple values on the different Y-axis (max 5). For example, you can visualize your sales ($), units (MT) and average selling price($) all at once in the same visual with each value […]

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Multiple Axes Chart for Power BI

Note: This blog addresses some features of the custom visual that will be available in the App Source in Sep 2019. To get this latest build, reach out to us here. This blog is a part of the Multi Axes Blog Series. Use Case for Multi Axes Chart When you deal with data of different granularities, e.g. […]

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