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Horizon Chart for Power BI

by | Aug 17, 2019 | Horizon Chart

Note: This blog addresses some features of the custom visual that will be available in the App Source in Sep 2019. To get this latest build, reach out to us here.


Horizon Chart gives you an easier way to visualize several stacked line or area charts sliced horizontally by categories. The baseline for each slice would still be zero and it helps you analyse the outliers in the time-series easily.

An enterprise trend split into several multiples of horizon gives you a quick image of where and when the deviation of the outliers had happened.

xViz Charts for Microsoft Power BI

Key Features

  1. Multiple Layers

    The Horizon Chart of the xViz enterprise suite gives you the option to have up to 5 layers on each of the chart. This gives you the ability to view the different ranges of absolute values distinctly across a specific period.

    Horizon Chart for Microsoft Power BI

  2. Different Colour Schemes
    In xViz Horizon Chart, all the values are displayed above the horizon and similar to the heatmap, each range of values pick a different colour. For example, a negative value on the data set picks a red colour while the maximum positive value picks up a darker shade of green or blue based on the colour scheme the user chooses.
    XViz Chart for Microsoft Power BI


Use Case for Horizon Chart

For instance, I am using a Sales dataset which has data from 2012 through 2015 across the state of Iowa. Let me map the data onto a single line chart visual and swap it with xViz suite’s Horizon chart to see the difference.

Horizon Chart for Microsoft Power BI

Every line represents a store in the state of Iowa but still understanding the results out of it is quite a tedious task.While, in the Horizon Chart, each store comes up as an individual chart as a part of the several multiples. This enhances the readability of the data and also gives a better understanding of the trend.

We have covered the key features of xViz Horizon Chart so far but there is more.


To get the latest version of the custom visual, reach out to us here.

You can take a look at the other advanced custom visuals by xViz here.

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