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IBCS Scatter/Bubble Chart - Power BI Visual Key Features

IBCS stands for International Business Communication Standard and defines applying proper conceptual, perceptual, and semantic design to visuals. Along with providing support for standard chart definition and strategic use case, the xViz Bubble/ Scatter also supports IBCS standard use case with dedicated quick-start templates. The IBCS templates deliver 2 important aspects of the IBCS standard […]

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10+ Prebuilt Templates Option for Bubble/Scatter Chart

This blog is part of the Bubble/Scatter Blog Series.Starting with the new xViz Bullet chart, the Bubble/ Scatter chart also supports the prebuilt template option for a quick start. Ten of the most common use cases for the Bubble/ Scatter chart have been added to the templates, each prebuilt with the best possible layout and individual […]

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Scatter Chart - Power BI Custom Visual Key Features

This blog is part of the xViz Bubble/Scatter Chart Blog Series A scatter chart, aka scatterplot , scatter graph or scattergram uses dots to represent values for two different numeric variables. Each dot’s position on the horizontal axis(X) and the vertical axis(Y) indicates values for an individual data point. Scatter plots are used for correlation analysis […]

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Bubble Chart - Power BI Custom Visual Key Features

A Bubble Chart is an extension to the Scatter Chart where along with the X and Y coordinates, the data points also have a size dimension as the third variable. By definition, a bubble chart does not use a category axis — both horizontal and vertical axes are value axes and the bubble size is also […]

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Bullet Chart Featured in Power BI Desktop Summary October 2020

The October Edition of Power BI Desktop Summary highlights the latest feature updates to the PBI Certified xViz Bullet Chart. The latest version supports several use cases such as single KPI as well as the IBCS improvements to the bullet chart for effective visualization. It is achieved by highlighting the variances between actual and target with […]

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Bullet Chart Latest Feature Updates to the Power BI Visual - v1.1.7

Note: This blog addresses some features of the custom visual that will be available in the App Source in the upcoming weeks. To get this latest build, reach out to us here. This blog is part of the Bullet Chart Blog Series As proposed by Stephen Few, the Bullet chart was developed to overcome the fundamental issues […]

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Waterfall and Trellis Latest Versions Featured in Power BI Desktop Summary September 2020

The newly PBI Certified Waterfall Visual with its enhancements and latest key feature additions to the xViz Advanced Trellis are highlighted in the Power BI Desktop Summary Blog of September 2020! The Blog highlights some of the Key Features of the Waterfall Chart that are most requested in Ideas Place, which include the Stacked Waterfall chart option and ‘Only values […]

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Latest Feature Updates to the Waterfall Chart [v1.1.5] Power BI Custom Visual

This blog is part of the xViz Waterfall Chart Blog Series In this blog, we will be looking at some of the latest feature additions to the xViz Waterfall Chart v1.1.5 catering to some of the most requested use cases like only values and Stacked Waterfall Chart.  Key Features – Summary Top ‘N’ with ‘Others’ bar […]

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Key Enhancements to the Advanced Trellis/Small Multiples [v1.1.4] Power BI Visual

This blog is part of the xViz Advanced Trellis Blog Series We are proud to announce the latest version of xViz Advanced Trellis (aka Small Multiples) V 1.1.5 with several new chart types, features, and improved UX. Following are the list of new features and enhancements  Key Features – Summary New chart options – Normal Charts […]

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xViz Advanced Pie/Donut and Linear Gauge Updates featured in Desktop Summary August Edition 2020

This month’s Power BI Desktop Summary talks about the newly released xViz Advanced Pie & Donut and the latest feature updates to the xViz Linear Gauge. xViz Linear Gauge has been updated with the latest features and enhancements with the options of a new Gauge – Progress Bar added to it. The UX capabilities of […]

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