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xViz Pricing & Licensing options revamped for better flexibility

Eshwar Venkatadri
August 24, 2022

The xViz suite for Microsoft Power BI has consistently added to its portfolio of visuals over the last couple of years. In addition, the visuals have continued to incorporate newer features based on market feedback. The xViz Pro Suite today has 19 different visuals, with many featured in Microsoft’s Editor’s Picks, while our Gantt Chart Enterprise continues to deliver invaluable performance and flexibility for Project Planning and Project Management.

A few months ago, in 2020, we launched free desktop versions of all visuals in the xViz Pro suite (with the exception of Gantt). This helped users leverage ALL the features of the xViz visual in Power BI Desktop (as long as they did not require the report to be published to the platform, service, or report server). Refer to our press release on our free desktop offering here.

To make licensing for our visuals even more attractive and flexible for our end users, we have now introduced changes to our licensing models for xViz. With these changes, the visuals are attractive equally across companies of various sizes, from small businesses to large enterprises.

Key Licensing Changes: From user based to Creator + Viewer based pricing

With our earlier licensing models, we had a single set of licenses for both “viewers” and “creators” on Power BI reports. While we were able to keep licensing costs relatively low, we saw a lot of customers leveraging the Viewer Role that was introduced into Power BI workspaces and decided to model our licensing for visualizations in line with this new role that customers were rapidly adopting.

We have now changed our licensing model from a User-based Licensing Model to a Creator+Viewer Licensing Model. Here’s how it works:

  • Customers can identify or segregate their current Power BI report user base as “Creators/Editors” and “Viewers”.
    • Anyone who has access to view reports in the Edit mode (which allows them to create, publish and edit Power BI reports) is considered a Creator/Editor.
    • Anyone who can ONLY view reports in the View mode (and is unable to edit or create new Power BI reports) is considered a Viewer.
  • Creator/Editor Licenses are available as individual licenses that customers can number out and purchase. For example, if a customer has 4 report creators and 2 power users who can modify reports, they can purchase a total of 6 (4 + 2) Creator/Editor licenses.
xViz Pricing & Licensing options revamped for better flexibility
  • Viewer Licenses are available for purchase in buckets. There are currently 5 buckets of licenses that can be purchased by enterprises depending on the number of viewers they have on their system.
xViz Pricing & Licensing options revamped for better flexibility
  • For example, a customer who has 20 viewers can purchase viewer licenses from the first bucket that provides viewing rights for Up to 25 users. If a customer has more, they simply need to switch to the next bucket of viewer licenses.

Why are we providing this model of licensing?

Having worked with small, medium, and large enterprises and 800+ customers worldwide, we have learned quite a bit about how most companies adopt and scale while using Power BI.
While the number of report creators/editors within an organization tends to scale more slowly, the number of viewers scales up rapidly and exponentially. We commonly find that when a small team of 5-10 users tends to start viewing reports with xViz visuals, the viewership for the reports scales quickly to 20-25 users within a very short period. Likewise, with larger numbers and larger organizations, the numbers grow at a rapid pace.
The new licensing model allows organizations to scale easily without experiencing a proportionate rise in costs.

xViz Pricing Changes

The new licensing model also brings about a change in the effective cost per license for our customers. The higher the volume of the purchase, the more cost-effective this is for our customers.

The minimum number of Creator/Editor Licenses purchasable has now been set at 1, priced at $3 per month per user. The minimum number of Viewer Licenses purchasable is a bucket of “Up to 25 viewers”, priced at $7 per month, which works out to $0.28 per user per month. Essentially, our prices have now been lowered from our initial offering of $1 per user per month, making it that much more cost-effective and easier to own for both small and large enterprises alike.

What about the Free Desktop option?

We have retained the free desktop version of our components that continues to carry all features of the visuals. This is still available for use by individuals within the Power BI Desktop client. So, as long as you are looking to use xViz visuals in your Power BI reports without publishing them to a workspace or a common platform, you can continue to use the free version available for download from our website.

Changes to the Purchase Platform

We have revamped our website to better accommodate online purchases of our components. Customers will be able to purchase our visuals at xViz Pricing in a simple, 3-step checkout process that’s fairly intuitive.

xViz Pricing
  1. Choose the visual and the number of licenses required for the visual using the controls on the page. Click on Buy Now to continue with the purchase on the xViz Pricing page.
  2. Enter the billing and shipping details to receive the invoice and the licensed visuals – our invoice and visuals are sent electronically to the email addresses entered.
  3. Enter payment details to complete the checkout process. We accept all major Credit Cards for purchase directly on the website.

We are also in the process of adding support for offline payments for our visuals when purchasing directly from our website. For the moment, however, you can contact our sales team to make purchases using an invoice.

Gantt Charts

We currently have two different licenses on the Gantt Chart visual:

xViz Pricing & Licensing options revamped for better flexibility
  • Gantt Chart Enterprise: This is the enterprise version of our product that provides all features with the ability to share reports containing this visual with other users within the same organization by publishing them to a workspace or a common platform.
xViz Pricing & Licensing options revamped for better flexibility

The licensing model on our Gantt Chart Enterprise remains the same – this is still user-based licensing, with both viewers and creators/editors requiring licensing to consume the visual in their environment. Over the past few months, we have added several enterprise-grade features to the xViz Gantt Chart Enterprise, improving its robustness not just as a visual but as an end-user tool to efficiently track Project Management and Project Planning metrics. We have retained our licensing model for the Gantt Chart to be able to provide more such enhancements and continued effectiveness. We do offer volume-based discounts that are applied automatically on the website.

Enterprise, Embedded and OEM/ISV Licensing

We work separately with customers who are looking at unlimited licensing plans for their entire enterprise. Customers looking to use our products within Power BI Embedded Applications or as part of products or solutions that they are reselling also have the option to purchase Embedded and OEM/ISV licenses. These licenses are not available on our website, and customers are encouraged to contact our sales team for inquiries for purchase.

What’s in store for the future?

We are looking at providing enhancements to existing features and other enterprise-ready features to our existing range of components based on feedback from our customers on our idea place. We are also in the process of introducing newer visuals that conform to IBCS standards (some of our existing visuals can already do this!) and provide customers with industry-standard ways of representing data.


In summary, we have been working on providing enhancements and additional value-add to our existing range of visuals for all types of customers – whether teams or whole organizations and for small, medium, and large enterprises as well. We are constantly adding to our resources of blogsvideos, and webinars based on our learnings with our ever-growing list of customers. We look to gain feedback and support from our customers through our web page and our community.

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